Hiring Senior Software Engineers doesn't have to be hard

Trouble hiring senior software engineers? Do you feel like the market is completely dried out? Like there is a skill shortage?

Let me assure you, throughout my career I’ve worked with many different engineering teams, and they could all be sorted into two categories: the ones that had an extremely hard time hiring seniors, and the ones that did very well and were in fact full most of the time.

This book will help your team become one of the latter ones.

You see, the “secret” to attracting engineering talent is a simple fact about the current job market for engineers:

When hiring senior engineers, the company doesn’t choose the candidate, the candidate chooses the company.

or, put more simply:

When hiring senior engineers, you’re not buying, you’re selling.

Don’t believe me? Read the full blog post about it here.

So all you need to do to attract the best engineers is:

  • Create a compelling “product” (in your case a great position in a great team)
  • Communicate all the benefits of your “product” well (i.e.: market and sell it)

This book will help you with both of these. It will help you:

  • Attract more qualified applicants
  • Improve your interviewing process
  • Select the best applicant
  • Spend less money on job ads and headhunters
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Increase team happiness and employee retention

This is not another 300+ page book you’ll be mad at yourself for not reading. It respects your time and is short (exactly 100 pages), succinct and to the point. It provides actionable, pragmatic advice with immediate payoff.

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About the author

Hi, I'm Alexander, I'm a Senior Software Engineer from Vienna. I have many years of experience in Software Development, Product Management and Project Management. I've worked on exciting software in various industries, including Augmented Reality. Throughout my career, I've helped companies ship more than 25 different products, so I know both sides of the hiring process very well. I now do consulting and workshops on hiring engineers.

Do you want to work with me or have any questions about hiring engineers, recruiting, or software engineering in general? Just send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!